Reciprocating Compressors:

reduction of energy costs

Cooling, air conditioning and heat pump systems consume a great amount of energy over their running time. These expenses, caused to the user, often exceed the cost of investment. If the system's capacity is intelligently controlled and precisely adjusted to seasonal requirements, the benefits are twofold: there are less energy costs – and less strain on the environment.

More energy efficiency

With the built-in, preprogrammed frequency inverter of the VARISPEED series, speed can be continuously adjusted to requirements. The adjustable range is from 25 Hz (30 Hz) to 87 Hz. This enables systems to run much more energy-efficiently.
The integrated frequency inverter makes the VARISPEED compressor one of the most compact and easily installed frequency inverter solutions. In addition, the integrated suction gas cooling of the frequency inverter ensures that there are no maintenance requirements for the frequency inverter.

  • High seasonal efficiency
    • Optimum capacity adjustment
  • Fully parametrised frequency inverter for simple commissioning
  • Low suction pressure fluctuations, optimised compressor service life
  • Use of a wide range of refrigerants enables universal use


Cooling, air conditioning and heat pump systems which operate mainly in a part-load range.