semi-hermetic scroll compressors: SPEEDLITE 

Using intelligence to reduce three expenses

In these compact, semi-hermetic scroll compressors scroll spirals, electric motors and frequency inverters work optimally together, thus ensuring highest full-load and part-load efficiency – under all operating conditions. The infinite high-quality capacity control required for this is enabled by the EC motor technology and integrated frequency inverter. Therefore, in total, less costs are incurred for operating, energy and maintenance. In addition, thanks to its integrated inverter, the compact scroll compressor is simple to install and commission. 

Adapts to all requirements

The semi-hermetic, modularly constructed scroll compressors ELV21 and ELV51 are suitable for a large number of applications in air conditioning and medium temperature applications. Almost independent of refrigerant and performance class. And no matter if they are being used for stationary or mobile applications. 

  • The integrated, suction gas-cooled frequency inverter enables infinite speed control of 2,500 to 8,000 rpm
  • Compact construction with low height for optimal installation in compact roof-mounted or frontal systems
  • Light and corrosion-resistant aluminium housing
  • Low vibration and low noise


Mobile and stationary air conditioning and heat pump applications, for example in bus and railway applications, including electric and hybrid buses, trams, rapid transit and intercity rail vehicles.