Open Drive Screw Compressors: OS.A95 Series
Standard with IQ Module

Thinking of further applications

Just how intelligent a solution is can be seen by how adaptable it is. Whether low-temperature or medium-temperature applications, air conditioning or industrial heat pumps – open drive screw compressors from the new OS.A95 series can be used for numerous applications. With this spectrum BITZER now also provides energy-efficient options for industrial ammonia cooling and air conditioning technology. Just like their predecessors, the new models have been designed for use in parallel operation. Handling the OS.A95 is reliable and extremely simple – thanks to selection using BITZER SOFTWARE and uncomplicated integration into the group. Useful accessories are available from the factory, including coupling housing and couplings for example, as well as multistep oil separators and oil coolers.

Continuous reliability, dual adjustment

The application limits are recognised by collecting the operating state. If operation runs close to the application limit the compressor warns the master system controller. This can return the compressor to a safe operating condition. The cooling capacity is adjusted continuously, the internal volume ratio is adjusted automatically. This means that the compressor always works extremely efficiently at the optimum compressor ratio. Simple communication with the master system controller or BITZER’s own BEST Service Tool is possible.

  • Natural, highly-efficient refrigerant R717 (NH3)
    • Is not subject to the restrictions of the European F-gas Regulation 517/2014/EU
  • Improved operating reliability
    • Robust industrial design
    • Proven BITZER oil management, robust rotor mounting, solid shaft seal
    • Simple, reliable connection of compressor and flanged motor
    • Couplings and coupling housing as standard accessory from the factory, integrated compressor control device with monitoring of application limits
  • Improved energy-efficiency
    • Newly developed screw rotor design with high efficiency rotor profile
    • Integrated double slider with automatic infinite capacity control (CR) and internal volume ratio (Vi) adjustment
  • Excellent serviceability
    • Easily accessible large external oil filter  
    • Sensor and control functions completely prewired and tested at factory
    • Integrated data interface and data log function
    • Simple communication with BITZER's own BEST Service Tool


Industrial medium and low temperature refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump application with ammonia (NH3), food industry, chemistry and pharmaceutical industry, heat pumps etc.