ECOLINE with IQ Module  

Simple, flexible and reliable

As an option for the proven semi-hermetic BITZER reciprocating compressors, the ECOLINE series with the IQ MODULE now provides even more enhanced functions relating to the compressor. Reliable and efficient to operate with very smooth running, ECOLINE stands for flexibility in terms of refrigerant selection and a wide range of applications.


The IQ MODULE in the ECOLINE series only requires two cables and it simultaneously covers the capacity control, compressor start-up, oil heater, additional fan and the refrigerant injection. Therefore, cabling requirements are reduced to a minimum and the number of components in the switch board goes down.


The IQ MODULE enables the use of a standardised switch board for MT and LT applications without any changes to the controls. Additional benefits of the ECOLINE series are

  • Flexibility when using new refrigerants: the IQ MODULE future-proofs the compressor
  • Increased Compressor availability within the limit area:
    • Extended application limits for the use of R448A and R449A and also R407A and R407F – more application options with lower global warming potential and reduced energy consumption
    • Approved for capacity control operation (CRII or FU) in connection with refrigerant injection
    • Higher maximum admissible discharge gas temperature



Compressors in the ECOLINE series experience optimum protection through the monitoring of oil supply, motor and discharge gas temperature and application limits. The integrated multistep alarm system reduces the chances of the compressor being shut off. The IQ MODULE ensures an extension of the application limits and thus increases faultless operation of the system, especially when using new refrigerants with increased discharge gas temperatures. In addition, the linked monitoring and control functions increase operating reliability: additional fan, CRII, capacity control and refrigerant injection can be switched accordingly in relation to each other.

ECOLINE compressors with the IQ MODULE provide a wide range of digital functions for more user-friendliness, benefits in use and operational control.

  • Configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting are carried out using BEST SOFTWARE
  • Integrated data logging makes analysis and monitoring easier
  • Modbus communication for the use of generally recognised and commonly used protocols


Systems with the highest requirements on operating reliability and control accuracy, for selected semi-hermetic BITZER reciprocating compressors.