Compact screw compressors: CSV 

Pioneer with practical benefits and highest efficiency

Compact screw compressors with CSV technology are an intelligent form of forward-thinking. Even today, they can be used to build highly efficient liquid chillers and heat pumps which fulfil the most diverse kinds of future legal requirements – all over the world. At the same time, these CSV compact screw compressors work with extreme energy efficiency at both full-load and part-load. They can also be quickly and precisely adjusted to changing system requirements. This is carried out by the infinite speed control using the integrated frequency inverter. Two housing sizes are available with five displacement volumes and two Vi ranges.

  • CSVH for air cooled liquid chillers with higher condensing temperatures and for heat pump operation
  • CSVW for water cooled liquid chillers and air cooled liquid chillers with moderate condensing temperatures


Always runs reliably, controls everything communicatively

Monitoring of application limits provides highest operating reliability. If operation runs close to the application limit the compressor warns the master system controller. This can return the compressor to a safe operating condition. Compressor shutdown due to overloading is kept to a minimum. The compressors communicate with the master system controller or BITZER’s own BEST Service Tool.

  • Future-proof standards
    • Even today, they enable the construction of heat pumps and highly efficient liquid chillers for air conditioning and process cooling according to future legal requirements in different regions of the world, for example China (GB19577:2015) and the EU (Ecodesign Regulation 2009/125/EC)
  • Outstanding full-load and seasonal energy efficiency
    • Widest speed modulation range in the market by integrated frequency inverter
    • Automatic internal volume ratio adaption by integrated Vi slider
    • Operation with high-efficiency refrigerants R134a, R450A, R513A, R1234yf, R1234ze, R1234ze(E)
  • Robust and reliable
    • Integrated application envelope monitoring
    • Three-stage warning and alarm system
  • Excellent serviceability
    • Integrated data interfaces and data log function
    • Simple communication with BITZER's own BEST Service Tool


Air cooled and water-cooled liquid chillers for air conditioning, process cooling and heat pumps, operation possible with direct evaporators, flooded evaporators and falling-film evaporators.