BITZER IQ Products

Using your PC, you can operate all BITZER IQ devices with our service tool BEST (BITZER Electronics Service Tool), a piece of software with intuitive user interface. So you can easily and reliably set devices, get a complete operating status overview with just a few clicks, incl. data log function and data log visualisation and you can carry out firmware updates. In short: With BEST SOFTWARE you have got complete control of all requirements, from commissioning to service, right up to maintenance.

Download BEST SOFTWARE Version 2.8

Simple configuration

    • Simple device parametrization
    • Installation and saving of device profiles
    • Comparison of current and factory settings
    • Simple and reliable firmware update

    Reliable online diagnostics*

      • Display of all operating parameters, for example pressures, temperatures, oil management, digital and analogue I/O
      • Current operating conditions within the application limit
      • Current status of capacity control


      • BEST SOFTWARE speaks the ‘language of refrigeration’
      • Multi-lingual, currently eight languages are implemented, more are to follow
      • SI and IP units selectable
      • Auto-update function indicates software updates and provides simple updating of the BEST SOFTWARE

      User-friendly evaluation*

        • Download and visualisation of data logs
        • Alarm list with integrated help function for service and maintenance
        • Saving of all information to one file, such as device parametrization, serial numbers, the operating hours counter, data logs etc.

        Rapid and varied communication options*

          • BEST converter
          • Bluetooth
          • Ethernet (LAN)


          BEST Converter  


          * Depending on the particular device.