with Optional IQ Module  

Intelligently completing many tasks

The new control module carries out many different functions which intelligently monitor, control and protect BITZER reciprocating compressors. In addition, the module communicates with the master system controller. The BITZER Software BEST is used for further settings – in particular the substantiated diagnosis of system operation. Users can choose between different equipment variants for the module and can order them to be preinstalled in the reciprocating compressors 4VES-6Y to 8FE-70Y.

diverse elements under control

Monitors oil, motor and discharge gas temperature as well as application limits, controls the capacity regulator, additional fan, the oil heater and the start unloader. In addition the module controls the power contactor for the compressor start-up. Therefore, additional time relays are not necessary.

  • Reliable compressor operation
  • Prewiring and preconfiguration in the factory guarantee fast and reliable commissioning and less effort required for installation
  • Communication with a master system controller
  • The module controls compressor capacity, quasi continuously according to the requirements of the master system controller


Systems with the highest requirements on operating reliability and control accuracy, for selected semi-hermetic BITZER reciprocating compressors.